Elemental eSport is an Organization since October 2017 with talented professional players with main focus on CS:GO, League of Legends and Heroes of the storm. We all share a huge passion for eSport and the reason we are ready to go into a new age with the help of our talented gamers.

We are always ready to answer questions from fans or friendly and knowledgeable advice with fast response times.

-Sadik Yilmaz, CEO

CS:GO Team

ID Name Join Date Role
Xyper Elias Sønderskov Ovesen 24-02-2019 IGL
Un1z4n Lucas Stegger Rousing 24-02-2019 Entry Fragger
Gaardsøe Victor Gaardsøe 24-02-2019 Awper
Sebb0 Sebastian Kraft 24-02-2019 Support
Hede Jeppe Jensen Hedeby 24-02-2019 Rifler/Lurker
ID Name Join Date Role
Le Sten Philip Ulrik Værnhøj 24-02-2019

League Of Legends Team

ID Name Join Date Role

Fortnite Team

ID Name Join Date
Zaus Frederik Bjørnbo Andersen 31-01-2019


Elemental eSports Staff
ID Name Position Join Date
SadikReis Sadik Yilmaz CEO/Founder 01-10-2017
Heckman Mikkel Faust Lind Server Technician 23-03-2018
norten Marcus Norton Quistgaard Graphics Designer 17-07-2018
Unreal Viking Patrick Viking Rasmussen Fortnite Manager 29-01-2019
LANGE Frederik Thorup Lange CS:GO Coach 25-02-2019
Minecraft Server Staff
ID Name Position Join Date
tigoline Line Nielsen Admin 21-10-2018
Rust Server Staff
ID Name Nickname Position Join Date
76561198101254863 Lea Kohlhase LaLeLaLu Admin 10-06-2018
CS:GO Server Staff
ID Name Server Position Join Date
Twitch Staff
ID Name Join Date
tigoline Line Nielsen 21-10-2018

Earnings & Awards

Latest activity

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